Buying Tips

Buying a home can be a great ordeal especially when there are several properties to choose from.  When you are looking for a home, it’s not always about look, but it’s how you feel when you see the property for the first time or when you walk through the doors.   It’s how you envision how your life is going to be like living in that house, townhouse or condominium.

Here are some buying tips to think about, that can help you when you’re deciding on a house.


Where do you want to live?  Do you want it close to work, schools or close to entertainment areas like 

restaurants or shopping places?


What kind of neighborhood do you want to live in?  Do you want more of an urban area like places such as 

Waikele, Ewa Beach or Kapolei?  Or do want to be in town like in Kakaako, Nuuanu or Makiki?  What kind                                   community do you see yourself in?  Is having a recreational center important?  Is a secured neighborhood                                     important?  Is having a pet friendly neighborhood important to you?

Size of your home:

Are you looking for single family house or maybe a condominium and townhouse? How many bedrooms and 

bathrooms are you looking for?  Is having a large living area important to you?  


Do you do a lot entertaining?  Is being near an area with a lot of nightlife activities important to you?  Or maybe near the beach or ocean?  Is it important to have a large yard where children and pets can play in?


This is probably one of the more important tips because it affects everything else.  How much can you afford or how much are you willing to pay?  Are there costs involved such association fees, maintenance fees or taxes to consider?

Searching for the right home

General Features:

Do you want a home that is ready to move in or if you don’t mind finding a home, that your willing to do some work on?

Is the age of the house important to you? Do you have a preference on when the home was built?

Envision people coming over to your home. What do you want them to say about it or what does it say about you?

Is having amenities such as a swimming pool or a hot tub important to you? 

Are you looking for a home that you may want to add additional structures in the future such as adding Ohana units, small cottage or just a shed?

How about the exterior of the house?

What kind of size of a home are you looking for?

Are you looking at a single family home, townhouse or condominium?

How many stories?

Parking and driveway are important features. Are you looking for a large garage or large driveway? Or both? Is having a large parking area important?

Are you looking for a large yard or is having a small yard okay?

What kind of landscaping do you want for your home?

Is having a porch or a deck important to you to have in your home?

Are there other exterior features, that you have seen, might be important to you?

How about the interior of the house?

Have you thought about the type of floor plan that you want? Do you want an open floor plan or would like to have that separation on the different rooms and areas? Or maybe a combination of both?

What kind of feel do you want your interior to be – traditional, formal, modern, casual or something cozy?

How many bedrooms are you looking for? How many bathrooms are you looking for?

Do you want high ceilings or low ceilings?

What kind of lighting do you want for your home? Do you want a home with natural light coming in, in addition to the normal lighting in the home?

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