​​Tips When Selling Your Home

Why do you want to sell?

It's an important question, that an agent will ask when you are thinking about selling your home or want to sell your home.  Selling your home can be an emotional experience, and also the reason for selling your home can also determine the urgency of the sale of your home.  This also may have an effect on the price of your home.  For example, if you're looking to upgrade to a bigger home or moving to a different state, depending on the situation, it can determine the urgency to sell the home.

What will be the cost to sell your home?

It is always good to work with your real estate agent on how much will selling your home is going to cost you.  It's important to calculate the expenses or possible expenses that is associated with selling your home.  Knowing what the expenses are going to be will help you to determine a good price for the home, and also, the potential profit that can be realized at the end.

How much should I sell my home?

Price is always the most important factor that comes up when you are looking at putting your home on the market.  Always work with your real estate agent on setting the right price because the price point on your property can make the deal or it can break it also.

Normally there are three options:

  • Price the property at fair market value, which is normally what most sellers will do.
  • Pricing the property below fair market value, which may attract as many agents and buyers as possible.
  • Pricing the property above fair market value, which may attract a small amount of buyers or may attract that one buyer who is willing to purchase the property at that price.  This may result in the property being in the market for a longer period.

The Importance of Location

The location of your home or property does play an important role when it comes to selling your home.   Location does affect the marketability of the property.  Some things to consider when it comes to location:

  • The type of neighborhood your property is located.  Are you in an urban neighborhood or a rural neighborhood?  Are you close to certain amenities such as shopping center, restaurants or nightlife?
  • Is the the area your property located in a more newer area with new development or continuing development?  Or is it in transition where people are moving out or the rebuilding of the community?  Or is it a well-established and stable area?
  • If there are other properties in the area that is for sale, is your property pricing in-line with other properties for sale in the area?

How is the condition of your property?

The condition of your property is another big factor when it comes to selling your home.   It's the first impression that a potential buyer sees when he or she walks onto your property.  Condition also does play a role in how fast your property will sell on the open market.   Here are some tips to help maximize the condition of your home prior to selling:

  • If you have landscaping in the front, back or around the property, make sure the grass is cut and maintained.  Also, it is good to minimize the amount of clutter in your yard.
  • Having a fresh coat of paint on the exterior of your home or even washing the exterior, will help to give that fresh clean look.
  • If you have carpets, you should consider having them professionally cleaned and give it that fresh look.
  • Take the time to clean the windows inside and outside
  • If you have gutters, make sure they are cleaned and properly attached. 

How important is Staging when selling your home?

Just like maintaining the condition of your home, staging, when you are selling your home, plays an equal role, in giving that great first impression.   Staging your home can give the potential buyer the feeling, that they get when they walk through your home or how the visualize it.   Here are some simple staging tips, that can give that great first impression:

  • Clean the walls or give it a fresh coat of paint
  • Remove any excess wall hanging or wall decorations to give the rooms a nice clean look
  • Remove an excess clutter or excess furniture
  • Make sure that if you have any plumbing leaks or issues, have them repaired.  Nothing is worst than a potential buyer walking through a home and they notice water leaks or something is not working.
  • Opening up the curtains, blinds or drapes and letting the natural light in, can brighten up the rooms.
  • Make sure that your light fixtures and ceiling fans are clean 
  • Clean your kitchen amenities such as refrigerators, stoves and sinks.  Nothing is worst than a potential buyer walking through your home and and seeing a cluttered kitchen or opening up a refrigerator and having a foul odor.
  • If you have personal valuables, make sure they are locked up or removed from the property.
  • If you have pets, make sure they are either secured or not at the property when there are showings and open houses.

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